Current Performance

THAILAND (12th – 15th June)

Directing and choreographing a dance act for the 1st FAB Awards (Indo Bangladesh Bangla film awards for National Award winning director Anirudhha Roychowdhury’s film ‘Ekti tarar Khonje’ starring Arpita Chatterjee and Shayan Munshi in Siam Pavilai, IMAX Theatre in Bangkok .

USA (6th - 14th July)

9th July '2010

As part of Sapphire’s US debut Sapphire also performs with a 15 member team for the opening ceremony of North America Bengali Conference to be organized at Atlantic City Convention Centre on July 9 and 11, 2010 .

6.30PM. Atlantic City Convention Centre, New Jersey
Sudarshan Chakarvorty & Paramita Saha
Choreography and Artistic Direction: Sudarshan Chakarvorty
Music: Mayookh Bhaumick
Costumes: Saumitra Mondal and Dev r Nil
Lights: Chandan Sen
Performers: Nikita Bhattacharya, Ankita Duttagupta, Sangita Chakraborty, Swagata Chatterjee, Sumita Bhattacharjee, Anuj Parekh, Prasanna Saikia, Saumen Banerjee, Koushik Das, Pintu Das, Dibyendu Nath, Paramita Saha and Sudarshan Chakarvorty
13th July’2010

World Premiere of PARIVAHITAM
( as the only entry from India) in
World Dance Alliance Global Event’10
July 12th - July 17th 2010, New York
IN TIME TOGETHER: Viewing and Reviewing Contemporary Dance PracticeHosted by the World Dance Alliance-Americas
in affiliation with DTW Guest Artist Series,
University of Wisconsin-Madison & NYU, Steinhardt, Dance Education Program
July 13, 5.30 pm and 7 pm at the Kimmel Center (NYU/Steinhardt) in conjunction with the 2010 Dance Critics Association Conference

Concept:Conceived as a cross-journey between an ordered, disciplined and beautiful past and a chaotic, atomized and unhinged present, a contemporary take on the discomfort of temporality, the nostalgia that brings solace but not a solution. Disbalance and ephemerality is explored with a keen medium of movement that inhabits the watershed between tradition and contemporaneity and negotiates time as a vision of life through dance that can encourage us to move through these troubled times and hope for a constructive, positive and meaningful time not so far away.
Sudarshan Chakravorty & Paramita Saha
Choreography & Artistic Direction: Sudarshan Chakravorty
Costumes: Paramita Saha
Choreography collaborators: Roger Sinha (Canada), Michel Casanovas( Switzlerland), Christopher Lechner (Germany)
Music: Marc Rossier (Switzerland)
Performers: Dibyendu Nath, Paramita Saha, Nikita Bhattacharya, Ankita Dutta Gupta, and Koushik Das

VIENNA (17th – 24th July)

Sapphire’s presentation of SOULS IN TRANZIT
as a special Global Village Programme Activities Award Winnerat
XVIII International AIDS Conference, July 18-23, Vienna, Austria
At Global Village, Reed Messe Wien, July 19 at 3.30 pm
Two individuals meet, connect and part. These meeting points intimate and vulnerable in content and lost in time are well connected through movements that speak of the risks of human behavior and the power of human resilience. The piece is interactive as many of the movements begin in the audience and dialogue with members of the audience who participate in the process of the improvisation. This leads to the audience being involved in the realization of the relationships between the two dancers and getting a real -life understanding of the situation of HIV/AIDS and how it can change lives and perspectives.
Dibyendu Nath and Paramita Saha
Choreography & Artistic Direction: Dibyendu Nath & Paramita Saha
Performers: Dibyendu Nath & Paramita Saha
Mentors: Hari Krishnan( Canada), Chitra Sundaram( UK)
Costumes: Rex( Canada)
Light Design: Mithran Devanesan ( India)

A Sapphire Dance Experiment

Sapphire Quarterly Arts Series 2015-16

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