Sapphire Quarterly Arts Series 2015-16

  • Sudarshan Chakravorty

    New Season

    Amongst Sapphire’s initiatives to spread the word of contemporary dance is this special event series meant to present young artistes from various artistic disciplines with their new endeavours, recognizing them while also celebrating established artistes, scholars, media persons and activists. The venues for this initiative are also meant to open up new non-proscenium art spaces and encourage more and more audiences to come and indulge in art; from cafes, bookshops to art galleries, cultural centers and corporate boardrooms, the choices are myriad. Sapphire believes that it has a responsibility towards the fostering of contemporary arts in the East and the country as a whole and also understands that unless artistes support artistes there can be no awakening in our social and political systems to support and encourage art.

    The Series completed 20 quarters this March and has presented works by Sapphire and non-Sapphire artistes, collaborations and installations.

    We want to further the plan with more interesting works and involve not just the company members and students of Sapphire but also emerging young artists from Kolkata and other parts of India and abroad and thus create a network of performers, practitioners and followers of Contemporary dance where they can showcase their new work and also discuss and debate about the emerging trend of Contemporary dance in the country.

    The venues for the year 2015-16 has been chosen as follows –

    June’2015 – A collaborative performance by Sapphire dancers established artistes from Kolkata like Koushik Sen (Theatre), Lopamudra Mitra (Music), Neel Adhikari (Music), Dolly Basu (Theatre) in a piece entitled EKAKI comprising of 13 solos depicting the innermost personal voices through each form at Novotel Hotel in New town. The piece connects each performer with emotions of loneliness, joy, introspection, revisitation, nostalgia, indulgence and more. Young dancers and established artistes as singers, elocutionists, actors have come together in the same space to bare it all.

    Sept’2015 – As part of INCRESXI , Sapphire's International Choreographer's Residency we will create a new work under the guidance of acclaimed choreographer Selcuk Goldere, Head of the Department of Dance (MFA) of University of Ankara (Turkey) at Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe Institut). The TWO-WEEK RESIDENCY with the International choreographer with Sapphire dancers will give an insight to various new techniques of Contemporary dance like Flying Low and Counter Technique which will further help the dancers to hone their skills in Contemporary dance and also update them with current trends and benchmarks. A new piece will result out of this intensive workshop which will be premiered as part of the Quarterly Series as Quarter II.

    December’2015 – A collaborative performance at Palladian Lounge or any other venue with folk singers from Rajasthan, Bengal and Assam cumulating into a divine musical experience with an abstract dance idiom trying to bridge this gap between singers, musicians and dancers who somehow remain isolated in their respective islands and fail to connect through collaborations and exchanges. This production attempts to bring in various Folk artists be it singers, actors, shadow play etc who will narrate a story of celebration of life and Mother Earth.

    March’2016 – A special choreographic work by JS Wong from Malaysia, who is an acclaimed choreographer and runs his own festival and international dance center in Kuala Lumpur called Damansara Performing Arts with Sapphire dancers at ICCR, Satyajit Ray Auditorium. Even JS Wong visited Sapphire and created a pice called ‘I- Identity- Individual-India’ as part of Quarterly Arts Series in March 2014. This interaction with JS Wong will help dancers imbibe a fluidity and strength of Contemporary dance that comes from Martial training of South East Asain sensibilities like Tai-Chi in particular and giving lot of stress on using physicality and its freedom achieved through endurance and hard work through the TWO WEEK RESIDENCY resulting to a new production.

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