• The Alien Flower (40 min)

    India’s first full-length ballet on same-gender love based on eight English poems by Sanjay Vasa and Canada based Rakesh Ratti without glorifying homosexuality conveys the message that an alternate sexual orientation is no sin and no cause for social ostracism.

    Puri Beach Festival’96, Uday Shankar Dance Festival’96 (Kolkata), Asia Pacific AIDS Conference’99 in (Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia), Kolkata Pride Week,’2003 (Kolkata), Candle Light Memorial,’2006 (Kolkata), Alliance International Conference’2006 (Hydrabad), Bologna Contemporary Dance Festival’2006(Bologna,Italy)…

  • Stream of Life (30 min):

    The ballet is a celebration of the vicissitudes of human life, the pulsating stream of human existence finally achieving eternity through God’s grace .It is based on six poems from Tagore’s Geetanjali set to South American music.

    Konark Music and Dance Festival’98, Island Tourism Festival’98 (Port Blair,Andamans)

  • Indian Erotica (1 hr. 20 min):

    Commissioned by the Department For International Development (Govt. of UK) the ballet, based on extensive research and aspiring to international relevance, charts Indian history in a new interpretative mode. It traces the changing power equations in the relationship between man and woman, right from the Vedic age to the dawning millennium, assuming that the aspects of this vital relationship reveal the social, cultural, economical and educational situation of a particular age. The ballet scrutinizes Indian history, religion, mythology, literature and sociology to unearth evidence for this innovative notion and presents it through a multimedia production of dance, music and cinema.

    DFID (Govt. of UK) Conference’2000, (Kolkata) , World AIDS Day celebrations’2001 organized by UNAIDS (New Delhi), Hyundai Accent car launch’2001 (RCGC, Kolkata), Mercedes Benz C Class launch’2002 (TajBengal,Kolkata), National Doctors’ Conference’2004 (Bangalore)…

  • Encounters (30 min):

    Set to Oriental music this piece shows the encounter of the individual with his own individuality, with his various instincts, and the exploratory evolution of the scope and range of his senses. He then encounters his female counterpart of the male entity; the ensuing conflict leads to love and union, the source of eternal creation. The curtain drops on a picture of collective humanity presenting the totality of the universe.

    National Integration Festival’99 (Dept. of Culture, Govt. of Sikkim), India International Center, New Delhi’99, Taj Mahotsav’2001,Agra (UP Tourism), Melbourne Fringe Festival’2001 (Australia)

  • Post Mortem (50 min):

    A strange land replete with queer maps, shapes, dices, puzzles, taut strings and eerie music. A world unknown and yet known to us. A world of hollow men, living an unceasing present, no hope for the future, a deadness that sits deep in each of us. A metaphorical dissection of time, space and individual in the context of global consumerism set to beat by Trilok Gurtu and Samul Nori.

    Millennium Festival of New Choreographies’2000 (India Habitat Centre, New Delhi), The Other Festival’2000(Chennai), NCPA (Mumbai)’2001, Young Dancers’ Festival, Goa ‘2001(organized by Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi), Melbourne Fringe Festival’2001 (Australia)National Festival of Choreography 2002(Kolkata) ,International Festival of Alternative & Contemporary Expression (INTERFACE’2002) at Kolkata .

  • Sapphire Scope( 30 to 60 min) :

    A mosaic of folk, fusion and contemporary dances.

    Vishnupur Festival’97(West Bengal Tourism), Island Tourism Festival’98 (Port Blair,Andamans), National Integration Festival’99 ( Gangtok , Sikkim ), Taj Mahotsav’2001 ( Agra ,Uttar Pradesh), Puri Beach Festival ‘2004,’2005, Kharavela Festival’2005,’2006(Bhubaneshwar), Common Wealth Youth Games’2008 (Pune), World Newspaper Congress’2009 (Hyderabad), Puri Beach Festival’2009,2010, Banpur Mahotsav’2010(Govt of Orissa), Tour of Canada’2006, Tour of Sri Lanka’2007, North America Bengali Conference’2010,New Jersey(USA), FAB Awards’2010, Bangkok(Thailand), Tour of Singapore 2014 (Organised by Tagore Society)

  • Walls (45 min):

    A site-specific performance based on an intrinsic narrative of compulsion, repulsion, attraction and deviation using the concept of contact-resistance and the wall as prop, theme and support.

    Work-in progress showcased at The Oxford Bookstore Gallery, Kolkata, and at Caffeine, Kolkata, invited to the Euroasia Festival 2002( Istanbul , Turkey ).

  • Positive Lives (40 mins):

    A dance-visual montage presentation that tells the story of people living with HIV. The project has been organized in collaboration with Sparsha, a Kolkata-based NGO working with HIV Positive people. The visual montage includes and is inspired by real-life stories, anecdotes and case histories. The project is atribute to those who have dared to say YES! to life.

    International World AIDS Congress’2004(Bangkok, Thailand), Showcase at Make Arts Stop Aids Conference’2004(Kolkata), AfricAsia Concert’2004(Bangkok, Thailand), Candle Light Memorial’2006(Kolkata), HCL Concert Series’2006(India Habitat, New Delhi), Bologna Contemporary Dance Festival’2006(Italy), Grey Festival’2007(Singapore), Darpana Festival’2008(Natarani, Ahmedabad), Alliance Francaise’2008(Chennai), International Contemporary Dance Festival and Conference’2009 (Bytom, Poland).

  • Rituranga- A Symphony of Seasons (50 mins):

    It is a pure dance presentation, a celebration of the seasons. The same seasons, grishma(summer), varsha(monsoon), sharat(post monsoon), hemanta(autumn), sheeta(winter) and vasanta(spring) are explored, but through an idiom which is radical, experimental, and a colourful geometry of designs against space and time. The breath, fragrance and feel of each season connect to the inner soul through visual and body metaphors. Set to Dr Partha Ghose’s symphonic raptures, in this new language of dance, Tagore is set free in a realm of non-linguistic, cross-cultural movement and expression.

    Uday Shankar Dance Festival’2005, New Delhi(Organised by Sahitya kala Parishad, New Delhi), Nisagandhi Festival’2005, Thiruvananthapuram(organized by Kerala Tourism), Tollygunj Club’2005(Kolkata), World Dance Day’2007(Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata), Tagore Society’2007(Singapore Philips Holland Launch 2012 (Bangladesh)

  • Parivahitam – Perspectives in Motion( 45 min) :

    IConceived as a cross-journey between an ordered, disciplined and beautiful past and a chaotic, atomized and unhinged present, a contemporary take on the discomfort of temporality, the nostalgia that brings solace but not a solution. Disbalance and ephemerality is explored with a keen medium of movement that inhabits the watershed between tradition and contemporaneity and negotiates time as a vision of life through dance that can encourage us to move through these troubled times and hope for a constructive, positive and meaningful time not so far away

    World Dance Alliance Global Dance Meet’2010, New York(USA), Delhi International Arts Fetsival’2010, Poetry Festival’2010 (Chennai), Natarani Festival’2011 (Ahmedabad), Chandigarh Art & Heritage Festival 2014 (Organised by Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi), INTERFACE 2014 at India Habitat Centre (New Delhi), Malaysia International Performing Arts Festival 2014, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Production Videos

(Post Mortem)

(Positive Lives)