Sapphire Quarterly Arts Series

  • Edition 1 : March 2010

    Performance at studio 21 of Emotica – a solo by Ankita Dutta Gupta Choreography: Ankita Dutta Gupta.
    Four Point Something – a solo exploration by Paramita Saha Choreography: Paramita Saha. Mentored by Philippe Saire ( Switzerland, Compagnie Philippe Saire), premiered at Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi, presented as part of European Dance Platform 2010,by Pro Helvetia and Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi.
    This was followed by a Presentation by Kalamandalam Piyal on Body Alignment and Ancient Indian Traditions. An aggressive and dedicated Sanskrit scholar, Kalamandalam Piyal is the only Bengali graduate from Kerala Kalamandalam and is currently researching on the Natyasastra, the karanas and its treasures.

  • Edition 2 : June 2010

    This Quarterly at the Palladian Lounge presented a preview of two of Sapphire’s upcoming international tours. Tour of USA and performance as the only Indian entry in the World Dance Alliance Global Event organized by WDA Americas at Kimmel Center New York. As part of Sapphire’s US debut Sapphire also performed with a 15 member team for the opening ceremony of North America Bengali Conference organized at Atlantic City Convention Centre on July 9 and 11, 2010 . Sapphire also presented a preview of Souls in Tranzit due to be performed as a special Global Village Programme Activities Award Winner at XVIII International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria.

  • Edition 3: Sep 2010

    This Quarterly was performed as an event of Sapphire’s biennial festival INTERFACE at Spring Club, one of Kolkata’s premier clubs.The evening saw a performance called Wind Dance by Renowned French-Swiss choreographer Michel Casanovas exploring the conflicts of traditional and experimental mindsets and conventions that get expressed in contemporary dance. Following this company members of Sapphire present an improvisatory piece combining solo, duet and group interactions.

  • Edition 4: Dec 2010 (rescheduled in Jan’2011)

    Organised at the Indian Council of Cultural Relations Art Gallery at Kolkata, this evening presented a lecture demonstration and interaction with audience discussing the thought and creative process behind Sapphire’s new work Parivahitam. Company members and Swiss Musician Marc Rossier, Guest artiste and collaborator for the piece also presented excerpts from the work to explain the audience the several perspectives that interpreted the approach to the piece.

  • Edition 5: Mar 2011

    The first Quarter in 2011 at Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts with the theme of Death saw a fabulous trio ‘Aspiration’ by young school section members Rahul, Pintu and Riddhi which went on to be further performed and acclaimed at the Swapnasandhani Theatre Festival and then in Cuttuck International Dance Festival. This was followed by a tribute to Tagore by Sapphire company members supported by select verse, prose and music from Rabindranath by Ajanta Sinha and associates. The evening was dedicated to poetic approaches to the theme of death and was extremely well-attended by art lovers of Kolkata.

  • Edition 6: June 2011

    The Palladian Lounge presented two pieces this Quarterly on the theme of Incompleteness presented on this occasion. Incompleteness the piece is a story of how six performers meet, react, discuss and move through their own sense of incompleteness, physical and psychological. The piece was choreographed by Dibyendu Nath and mentored by Sudarshan Chakravorty. The second part of the evening explored Incompleteness as a state of mind or body as it may be with a sense of injustice, indignation, passivity, despair or plain dismay that women often feel they are incomplete. The piece Fuel emerges from the feeling common to many thinking women in the 21st century, the feeling that while creating, and creating for others and recreating themselves to be able to create, they are burning out, a feeling of being consumed . The piece was choreographer by Paramita Saha and performed in collobaration with veteran theatre, film and television actor Anashua Majunder.

  • Edition 7: Sep 2011

    Celebrating the onset of the Devipaksha in Bengal, this Sapphire quarterly presented a collaborative conversation through dance by Sapphire members, percussions by young and talented percussionist Anubrata Chatterjee and live songs by the multidimensional singer Neepabithi to invoke to the feminine power within every individual where beauty, grace and compassion is juxtaposed with power, rage and aggression personifying the Mother Goddess. Presented at the open Fountain Court of the ICCR this event was a unique site specific exploration that challenged traditional methods of presenting work that was based on traditional themes.

  • Edition 8: Mar 2012

    This Quarterly was performed at the American Center and was the result of a piece developed with Daniel Galaska as part of Sapphire’s International Choreographers’ Residency Program.

    The piece ‘Common’ performed with Sapphire company and chosen Advanced section School members searches for what is most basic, most honest, most sincere, most raw in everyday experience. Through the use of the body, COMMON searches for an honesty in being, a transcendence of the image. COMMON is an exploration of the real.

  • Edition 9: June 2012

    At the Palladian Lounge for this Quarterly, the first piece was "Lost in Space" a group work that explored movement patterns in relation to speed, emotion and expression. This piece was followed by an all female ensemble piece called "Three Witches" tracing out fancies and aspirations of three women, voicing their deepest fears and beliefs choreographed and mentored by Michel Casanovas from France/Switzerland.

    As a special guest for this evening, a dance work from Bangalore called "Reaching Beyond" by two dancers was presented. Kirthi Basavarajaiah and Nayana Bhat have developed their own solos in a very specific and personal approach. The choreographer Michel Casanovas first supported their individual process then has placed and directed their works in space as well as he choreographed the last part of the piece.

  • Edition 10: Sep 2012

    Performed at the pristine art gallery, Harrington Centre for the Arts, this Quarterly happened as part of Sapphire’s biennial contemporary arts festival INTERFACE celebrating the work of three young choreographers of India. Three young choreographers, Aparna Chandarana from Mumbai, Prasanna Saikia from Kolkata and Surjit NK from Manipur, presented very intensely personal and insightful pieces that brought in facets of individual contemporary dance styles and also cultural sensibilities.

  • Edition 11: Dec 2012

    Presented by the Fortune Select Loudon Hotel, this quarterly brought to the fore the common malaise of overweight dancers or anorexic ones which led us to think of, and create this evening and the work that attempts to dissect what lies beneath apparent layers of fat or the many diets that are the fad.

    Text and movement by Sapphire dancers and a rare collection of Kolkata’s finest theatre professionals brought together the many dilemmas of Weight n Watch to life. Contemporary dance never gets truer than this; commenting on what affects us in the here and now; envisioning dialogues between idioms, mediums, people and artistic disciplines.

  • Edition 12: March 2013

    It was a 3 day exhibition titled ‘My Breath on Canvas’ by renowned photographer Ranjit Sinha from Hyderabad. This exhibition comprises of dance photographic pictures mostly of Sapphire productions and improvisations over last 10 years. Along with showcase there was site-specific movement installations by Sapphire dancers and poetry readings, music and monologues by eminent artistes from Kolkata like Lopamudra Mitra, Anindya Chattapadhayay, Attakkalari (Bangaluru), Bhoomi and so on.

  • Edition 13: June 2013

    Performance by 10 company members of Sapphire in choreographic works led by Michel Casanovas from France at Palladian Lounge.

  • Edition 14: Sept 2013

    Performance by 8 to 10 company members of Sapphire with collaborating artistes in music from Kolkata in choreographic work led Darryl Thomas from USA at American Center, Kolkata in a performance titled AFRODISIAC.

  • Edition 15: December 2013

    Gallery performance as a site specific work led by senior company members Paramita Saha and Koushik Das using existing company and collaborating artistes at Palladian Lounge specifically showcasing the work HOLI after its tour of Israel in Nov'2013 and premiering the new production BETWEEN..

  • Edition 16: March 2014

    At the Palladian Lounge for this Quarterly, the first piece was "Lost in Space" a group work that explored movement patterns in relation to speed, emotion and expression. This piece was followed by an all female ensemble piece called "Three Witches" tracing out fancies and aspirations of three women, voicing their deepest fears and beliefs choreographed and mentored by Michel Casanovas from France/Switzerland.

    Choreographic work by company members in a multimedia performance led by Malaysian choreographer JS Wong after 15 days residency with Sapphire dancers in a production entitled 'I' showcased at Max Mueller Bhawan.

  • Edition 17: June 2014

    A collaborative performance by Sapphire dancers with Mir performed in Palladian Lounge of Bengal Chamber of Commerce entitled MONSOON MELODIES

    In an unique collaboration for the first time that popular anchor / actor / Rj Mir with his musical band BANDAGE is coming together with Sapphire dance company. Sapphire with Bandage will bring in anecdotes, music, moments, memories and dances celebrating Kolkata Monsoon and it’s charisma. Solos, duets, trios and group work will feature leading dancers of Sapphire and after a long hiatus, Choreographer / actor / dancer Sudarshan Chakravorty performed in this inaugural edition of the very popular series that draws attention of dance –lovers, media and connoisseurs!!!

  • Edition 18: September 2014

    International Festival as part of INTERFACE 2014, Eastern India’s ONLY International Festival of Dance at MMB auditorium with Paramita Saha performing solo AHALYA drawing from Ramayana, and Sumit Nagdev Arts from Mumbai showcasing street urchin life in Mumbai inspired by Malkhamb artists called SAKINAKA and TALKATIVE DANCER.

    Ahalya drew a parallel of the patriarch societal biases that even a modern woman have to confront each day and her attempt to come out of this ‘cage’ and bring out her own voice. While Sumit Nagdev’s performance brought out the irony of the misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the evolution of Modern dance in India which is satirical, humorous and yet thoughtful!!!

  • Edition 19: December 2014

    A collaborative performance with folk , classical and sufi singers ranging from Rabindranath Tagore, Lalon Fakir, Bulle Shah and others commenting on the blurring boundaries of identity, gender and spirituality at Jorasanko Thakurbaari (Tagore Residence) in collaboration with State Akademy of Dance, Drama and Music in a programme entitled ROOPANTOR.

    In it’s 19th edition in December 2014., Sapphire presented a collaborative performance by Sapphire dancers and some Dhrupad singers and /or folk singers, speaking about the whirl of life, death and feminity with reference of Lalon Fakir, Rabindranath Tagore and Bulle Shah speaking about the blurring boundaries of gender, self, identity, nationality and spirituality which makes the sub continent so special. Live singers moved with dancers and with text and movement brought alive the story through folk songs, ragas, and Sufi melodies in an interesting performance, which was intimate, intense and .enriching.

  • Edition 20: March 2015

    A special choreographic work by either Michel Casanovas from France/Switzerland with Sapphire dancers called WATERSHED showcasing the fluidity of body language of dancers at ICCR, Satyajit Ray Auditorium in Kolkata.

    Sapphire Quarterly Arts Series celebrates its 20th Edition on 27th March in collaboration with Alliance Franciase Du Bengale.

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