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  •  Michel Casanovas

    Michel Casanovas

    India / France / Switzerland

    Born in France in 1965, Michel studied in ballet and contemporary dance (also release technique and contact improvisation and graduated in baccalaureate de dance at the Conservatoire de Toulouse, France. Since 1982, he has been engaged in different theatres and companies in Belgium, France and Canada and especially in Switzerland where since 1996, he was co-founder with Patrick Collaud of Cie Morespace in Basel. Between 2004 and 2008 he was trained to become a Feldenkrias practitioner by Paul Rubin and Julie Casson-Rubin (San Francisco).

    Michel is now teaching regular classes of Awareness through Movement and giving Functional Integration lessons. Besides his artistic work and research, Michel’s interests are in teaching dance and body-mind exploration in a functional and practical way. Since 2006, Michel has been regularly teaching contemporary dance and Feldenkrais method in India working in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. He now runs Shoonya, a newly opened Art Space in Bangalore.

  • Darryl Thomas

    Darryl Thomas

    Rainbow Dance Theatre, Western Oregon University, USA

    Dancer, choreographer and artistic director,toured throughout the world as dancer and artistic collaborator in the world-renowned Pilobolus Dance Theatre, receiving an Emmy for his 1996 Kennedy Center performance of the Pilobolus work “Untitled”, starring annually in the Company’s sold-out New York performances, and performing in the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition,

    Thomas has collaborated with Pilobolus on commercial television projects such as the award winning campaign for Hyundai, demonstrations from which were featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Conan O’Brien Show, and the 2007 Academy Awards. Thomas also danced in Washington, D. C. with Assane Kante’s Kankouran West African Dance Company. He received his Master of Fine Arts in performance and choreography from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Soon after, in 1993, he collaborated with RDT Artistic Director Valerie Bergman for the first time on the Earth Suite project. He joined RDT as co-artistic director in 1997.

  • JS Wong

    JS Wong

    MFA, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwam.
    Artistic Director, Damansara Performing Arts Center, Malaysia

    Artistic director and in-house choreographer of Damansara Performing Arts Centre, Malaysia. He received his M.F.A. from Graduate Institute of Choreography, Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) in 2013 and B.F.A. from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with First Class Honours in 2005, and was previously a dancer with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan from 2005-2009. In 2010, he was commissioned by Wulai Atayal Museum Taiwan to create a choreography entitled “Trace - Wulai Tayal”.

    In 2011, he presents his choreography “Soloing” and “Mirroring” at Mirramu Creative Arts Centre, Australia. In collaboration with Australian choreographer Elizabeth Dalman, he participated in The 6th Tsai Jui-Yueh Dance Festival 2011, Taiwan, co-choreographing “Heart Quake” and represented TNUA dance graduate participating in the International Choreo Lab Austria 2011. In 2012, he restaged his 1st full length choreography entitled “We explore!” for Taipei Fringe 2012. At the 9th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2012 in Malaysia, he was awarded the Best Featured Performers award for his homecoming piece with JS Dance Theatre “Fragile”.

  • Dr. Selcuk Goldere

    Dr. Selcuk Goldere

    Head of Dance Department Ankara University, Turkey

    Dr Goldere graduated from Theatre Department of Ankara University (1996) with a MFA, Ph.D. After a scholarship as an artist from Poland Wroclaw Grotowski Research Center, Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University and Israel Government for a period of time, he graduated from a classical ballet school in Ankara. He also has a bachelor degree from Amsterdam Theatre School, for New Dance Development (Dance / Dancemaker) (1999-2002).

    He has worked as a dancer and choreographer for ten years in Ankara State Opera and Ballet-Modern Dance Department / MDT. He has taught some of the main theatre courses like dramatic and epic-acting, stage, physical acting skills, dance techniques and choreography for contemporary dance at ÇOMÜ in Çanakkale, Anadolu University in Eskişehir, H.Ü. in Ankara, State Folk Dance Ensemble in Ankara and Ankara University in Ankara. He is still working over new projects and also teaching modern / contemporary dance techniques, solo dance, and choreography-dance composition skills in Ankara State Conservatorium. He is art partner of Goethe Institute of Ankara.

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